5 balcony design ideas to recreate in your home

Inspiration to create your own private outdoor sanctuary
balcony design ideas
Photo:  Ricken Desai/The Pinewood Studio

We're tempted to call the balcony the unsung hero of the home. It's a wonderfully multi-functional space where you can gently wake up with a cup of tea (and maybe even a few yoga stretches if you're a real morning bird); allow your mind to drift as you wind down at the end of a tiring day; and gather with friends and family. In compact city apartments, a balcony can be turned into an extension of the living area, allowing you to get the most out of limited square footage. Take inspiration from these homes across India to create your very own little cocoon from the world.

1. A balcony that was made for sundowners

This Kochi apartment is blessed with lush landscapes and sunlit vistas. “The balcony is the same size as the interior, a testament to the equal inward- and outward-looking nature of the home,” says Avinash Joshy of Studio Nirvana. A wooden deck shielded by an awning, subtle lighting and plenty of greenery make it the perfect setting to enjoy a Sunday brunch or host guests for a sundowner.

2. A chic balcony designed for al fresco dining

Photo: Gokul Rao Kadam/Jannat Vasi

This balcony was designed by Jannat Vasi to be chic and multi-functional. The piece de resistance here is an elegant swing by Pieces of Desire. “The table and benches here double as a dining space which the couple use frequently to eat al fresco, making the most of Bengaluru’s gorgeous weather through the year,” says Vasi. White river pebbles line the length of the railing as a safety measure, and a floating glass ledge has been placed alongside it to hold refreshments when entertaining.

3. A balcony that frames stunning views 

Photo: Aspire Studios/AVVO Architects

Aspire Studios

In this Mumbai bachelor pad, the balcony spills out of the living room and frames spectacular views of the Arabian Sea.  The decor is elegant and minimal, with wood-and-marble flooring and a bespoke swing by P.O.D., ensuring the sea remains star of the show. 

4. A balcony where brutalism meets tropical flourishes

Photo:  Ricken Desai/The Pinewood Studio

Photo:  Ricken Desai/The Pinewood Studio

Thoughtfully landscaped by The Pinewood Studio, the outdoor spaces of this Tollywood actor's Hyderabad home in Jubilee Hills marry form and functionality. Jutting out as wave-like structure in the south balcony is and unusual pergola made in mild-steel displays cut-out names of every film the actor has performed in. The dramatic textual shadows that the pergola casts on the floor beneath it creates a unique pattern that evolves through the day with the movement of the sun. To a corner lies the seating, which also follows a similar sinuous pattern, and has cleverly been placed right outside the home’s lounge room. “This gives the family the option of also hosting screening parties for guests. When the windows are open, the monolithic-styled concrete bench is strategically placed for a direct view of the screen,” reveal the duo. Divided into two levels, the freeform seating area has space for plants as well as a Lunawood wooden deck at a slightly raised height above it. - Ela Das 

5. A rustic balcony that feels like a private garden

Photo: Manoj Masand/Treelight Design

The living room of this Bengaluru penthouse seamlessly flows into a spacious balcony. The setting here is rustic with a cement bench framed by tropical greenery, a wooden centre table and stone and wood flooring.